Seereer Radio Presenters

This page contains all the presenters on Seereer Radio with a brief information about them. Click on the relevant name or image (where applicable) to learn more about the presenter and their show(s).

Main presenters

Straight from the SRC Crew. Diplomatic but knows how to express his views. You will have to be a lawyer trying to win an argument against this man. .  

He is the founder of both the Seereer Resource Centre (SRC) and Seereer Radio. A proud Seereer who strongly believes in the preservation of Seereer culture, history and ultra orthodox Seereer religion (a ƭat Roog) and makes no apologies for it. Highly opinionated on all matters relating to the Seereer ethnic group and has no fear voicing it. 

A member of the SCR Crew who like Tamsier strongly believes in the preservation of the Traditional African religions and has no fear voicing it. A man with strong views and no one is safe from his tongue. Dimlé means "help" in Seereer but when used sarcastically it could means "for goodness sake, give me a break". They do not call him Dimlé for nothing. You've been warned.

Cool, calm and collected, with an extraordinary ability to move effortlessly from one topic to the next without breaking a sweat. 

Cool, calm and collected, with a passion for issues relating to the Senegambian woman. Look out for Moussou's upcoming shows and don't forget to join her every Saturday with the Cosaan Seereer team.

The Traditional African religions are his passion and he has a lot to say about them.

Regular panel guests 

One of the Seereer intelligentsia living in Senegal today. Son of a saltigi (Seereer high priest). Fluent in Seereer-Siin, Saafi-Saafi, French and Wolof. Professor Thiaw is an Egyptologist and an expert on Seereer religion, history and culture.

Our late colleague Professor Thiaw sadly passed away in September 2017. Read our special tribute to this great man here

Saltigi Biram Puuy

One of the last remnants of the old traditional Seereer saltigi (Seereer high priests) class. Unlike some who profess to be "saltigis" but neither do they follow Seereer religion nor have they been initiated, Saltigi Puuy on the other hand is the real deal. A rather humorous and generous man who likes to give and expects nothing in return and indeed wants nothing in return.   

Saltigi Puuy comes from a long line of saltigis. He rarely give interviews and is now more focused on Seereer history and culture than the usual role associated with the Seereer priestly class (saltigi). It is a privilege to have him on Seereer Radio. 

Professor Mara Joon

A member of the Seereer intellectual class living in Senegal today. Highly passionate and knowledgeable about Seereer history, culture and languages particularly Saafi-Saafi. A historian and linguist by day, a writer by night with several peer-reviewed papers under his belt since the administration of President Sedar Senghore. He is a former protégé of the Seereer Resource Centre's very own Professor Souleymane Faye.

Laity Sene

Radio Ndef Leng Diourbel (96.4 FM) - Senegal

Laity Sene is a business man and a Seereer wrestling (njom) promoter. He can be heard on Seereer Radio's Cosaan Seereer programme and other special Open Mike programmes. He also works behind the scenes supporting Seereer Radio by bringing notable Seereer artists on the Cosaan Seereer show. You can listen to all previous shows by Laity Sene by visiting our podcast


The Seereer Resource Centre (SRC)  and Seereer Radio are proud sponsors of Radio Ndef Leng Diourbel 96.4 FM. Seereer Radio also collaborates with Radio Ndef Leng, and two of Radio Ndef Leng's team (Diokel Ngom and Aly Sene) can be heard frequently on Seereer Radio's programmes. You can learn more about Radio Ndef Leng by visiting their web page on Seereer Radio's website. You can also listen to all of their shows broadcast in Diourbel, Senegal as well as shows they've collaborated with us on by visiting our podcast website