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Welcome to the Seereer Radio forum

Hello and welcome to the Seereer Radio forum. The purpose of this forum is to connect and exchange ideas about your favourite shows and presenters. Everyone is welcome.

Feel free to participate in forum discussions. Start a new topic by clicking the Start Discussion button. You can also express your views on individual shows by clicking on the name of the show on our schedule page.

To participate in forum discussions or to post a comment about a particular show, you first need to register. You can register here

Forum discussions can sometimes get very heated, but please try to remain calm. Respect other people's opinions and beliefs and refrain from using profanity or attacking someone on grounds of gender, religious beliefs, race, ethnicity, etc. Repeat offenders will be barred from using this forum, please see our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. As a community member, you can flag any post that you feel contains profanity. After a post has been flagged quite a number of times, the post will no longer be visible on the forum. This ensures that the community is policing itself just incase the Administrator misses something. We however advise against "drive-by-flagging" (flagging for the sake of it just because you can). This disrupts the flow of conversation and it does not feel nice for the person whose posts are being flagged unjustifiably. Please use the flagging feature fairly and responsibly.

If you need any assistance, please contact the Administrator of this forum or alternatively send us an e-mail at If you want to announce an upcoming Seereer related event, you can do so at the Seereer Resource Centre's event page. Please note that you will need to register there in order to add events on their events page. Refer to their terms and conditions. 


Thank you.

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General Discussion

Here you can discuss anything you like. Feel free to add new topics.