Programme Schedule

Our programme schedule shows you the name of the show being broadcast in English, Seereer and Saafi-Saafi, and the time and day of the week it airs. Titles with the arrow icon (►) are the Seereer and Saafi translations of the show where given in English, or the English translation where given in Seereer. For a brief description of each show including its presenter, click on the name of the show. After reading the description, click "back" - located in the green bar section where the social media sharing icons are found. To search for a show, enter the name of the show in the search box. Don't forget to delete the text in the search box to be taken back to the list of programmes. The programme schedule updates automatically at the end of each show. The current show on-air is at the top.[1] This schedule displays a total of seven shows per time. If you would like to see future shows not displayed in the schedule, click "Load more events" at the bottom of the schedule. For a list of all our shows, click that link.

You can have your say on each show by visiting the show's page and leaving a comment below the description box. You will need to register with Facebook. Alternatively, register with us and leave a comment on our forum. For information about the presenter, click on the name of the presenter. For all our presenters and regular guests, see presenters. If you have a great idea for a show, contact us, we really appreciate the community's feedback. If you would like to be a presenter on Seereer Radio, see our careers page. We like to represent all the Seereer groups on this radio station, so if you can speak Seereer or any of the Cangin languages and are passionate about Seereer culture and traditions, we would really love to hear from you. All we need is your passion, hardwork and reliability. Technical training will be provided. See our careers page for details.

.[1] We are a community based online radio station. Shows are broadcast depending on the availability of presenters. If you would like to be a presenter on Seereer Radio, visit our careers page